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Dec 20, 2012 3:30am PST
while an e-i-r is being developed. that is the intent to change the results of the nap e-i-r. don interfere and vote no on this resolution. the e-i-r in question is supposed to be for the natural area management plan, not just parts of it. you should not allow extremists with a stake in this to pick and choose which parts of the overall nap plan are considered in the e-i-r. if it is to have any real meaning it is to look at all, not just some aspects. it should not be completed if it does not include sharp park plan. it will be wasted. please vote no on this. please do not let extremists with an agenda and lawsuit use you the supervisors to do their dirty work for them. don't let them fool you into giving them what have not been able to get from the people, from rpd, from the mayor or from the courts. please ask supervisor olague to pull this resolution so no one
Dec 22, 2012 12:00am PST
two nap times within their schedules. so i think some of the fears might be slightly exaggerated. >> the speaker pointed out it runs with the land and it's not specific to this particular owner, but now narrowly constructed is this cu? is it specifically and solely for increasing the number of preschool children that would be on this site? >> it would be for 20 children. and they wouldn't be able to do anymore than 20 children without come back for an additional use. there is a condition for a community liaison person. so even if it transferred person it could need a contact person. >> so this particular owner happened to exit the business, for example and someone wanted to come back in to run a preschool, they would be limited to 20 children? >> yes. >> they would have a community liaison? they would have all the conditions that still apply? >> yes. >> thank you. and it wouldn't be for any other use other than that? >> correct. >> could you call the question, please. >> yes commissioners, a motion and second to approve with conditions. (roll call ) . >> so moved commissioners. t
Dec 17, 2012 6:30pm PST
ride and so i had to fall asleep and take a nap. so this day like usual, i had fallen asleep the train was delayed and i didn't know why but i had plenty of time to get to work. suddenly i was awakened by five police officers with their hands on the weapons. and it startled me to the point where i jumped out of my seat and one of the officers shoved me in the seat and said we got a report that there was a black man that has or a woman said that there was a black man carrying a gun and wearing a long coat. i had a jacket on and it was covering me when i was asleep, it was not long at all. i had probably touched a gun twice in my life, i don't like guns. and never carry one. but it was just the way that whole thing was handled and then you think if there was a report of a white man in a long coat, would they have gone to every white man on the train to look and search through everything of mine, cutting my down. it was a horrible violation. and it triggered my ptsd and because i could not sleep for a week after that. and i could not... that day at work they sent me home early becau
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)